Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rosie's Chicken Stew and Dumplings.

Real poor man's fare, I'm sure you all know why the "upper crust" are called that, for those who don't most bread was made in a cottage loaf style, after baking the upper crust was pulled out including the soft middle, leaving a bowl shaped lower crust, possibly very thin, maybe a little burnt.

As part of my winter food recipes I wanted to do a typical peasant dish, Paul killed two old chickens and removed the breast and the legs, these went in my slow cooker with onions, potatoes, leeks and carrots, I added half a bottle of wine (but this is optional) then topped up with stock till everything was covered, then cooked for 12 hours, After cooking I pulled the legs out and the meat fell off the bone, I then transferred everything into a large saucepan, made my dumplings from flour, baking powder, dried mustard powder and enough water to bind it together and put them in the stew, I also added some tinned peas I had left over in the fridge, some thyme, garlic and seasoning, I simmered it all till the dumplings looked cooked.
I had just been to the bread shop to pick up a sack of stale bread from the bakers, as usual it wasn't stale but would be no use to the shop the following day, amongst all the usual breads was 2 cottage style loaves, I hollowed these out and used them as serving bowls.

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