Saturday, 6 November 2010

Rosies Cornish Pasties

I dont buy mince, I buy 100% beefburgers and break them up as they cook, for this recipe, you need beefburgers (or mince), chopped onions, cooked potatoes and a tin of mixed vegetables. As usual I have used shop bought pastry as well. Fry the onions add the burgers and cook. add the veg.
I don't buy a lot of gadgets, I have done, then after an initial use they become like exercise machinery, confined to the cupboard. One gadget I have bought and use regularly is my pasty maker. A simple hinged piece of plastic that shapes, seals and adds a little decoration to the pastry, great for apples pies. Make your pasties, brush a little egg wash on top and bake at 200c till brown.

Put a little oil on the plastic, makes it easier to get the pasty out without in breaking the pastry.
Don't overfill them.

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