Sunday, 28 November 2010

Rosies Tiramisu

For 2 people;

8 finger biscuits
Fresh coffee,
140gr Mascarpone
1 egg yolk
1tbsp sugar
50gr whipped cream
Grated chocolate

crumble 6 biscuits and soak in a little coffee, optional you could also pour on a little alcohol, I've never tried it but as I post this I'm thinking of trying Rum in the future.

( I do these separately because to much coffee gives me a headache and Paul likes his strong.)

Put the soaked fingers into individual dishes.
Whip the egg yolk and the sugar together, add the Mascarpone and the cream and fold together.

Cover the biscuits with the Mascarpone , crumble another biscuit on top then cover with the last of the Mascarpone and sprinkle with grated chocolate.

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